Helping in the time of COVID-19

Since its inception, Antioch Digital Marketing has operated quietly as a trusted marketing partner to a range of brands and agencies. In these unusual times, Antioch Digital has faced challenges familiar to many businesses and families: the reduction and/or loss of livelihood at the hands of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Like many of you, we have seen a range of responses to COVID. Many people and organizations have stepped up in wonderful ways, showing unprecedented compassion in the face of unprecedented adversity.

Others have displayed indifference or callousness during this time. (Look no further than your own inbox for financial services or real estate companies offering to “help” via you paying your own bills online.)

We’re starting our blog (historically, Antioch has done little marketing for itself) to announce our small part in pitch stepping up and standing against the tide of need caused by COVID-19.

Answering Questions About Our Efforts

Before we announce what we’ve done, and what we’ll be doing, we want to share our responses to questions from our friends:

Antioch’s First Contribution to COVID-19 Aid

To start, we have donated our time to help an area DFW school district assemble ~100 pieces of PPE: face shields going to local first responders, government employees and nursing homes.

We know this isn’t much, but we’re looking forward to doing more, and hope that you’ll do the same.

Managing member, Antioch Digital Marketing

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