Automotive Digital Marketing Trends

Automotive digital marketing trends are a fascinating study in any year. In 2021, digital dealership marketing faces unique challenges of the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, accelerated shifts to electrification, and more.

More than ever, every dealership and automotive digital marketing agency needs insights on the customer journey.

Digital marketing trends such as video personalization, VR/AR and voice search are only as useful as your understanding of the customer visiting your dealership’s website or showroom.

The real automotive digital marketing trends lay at a higher level for dealerships and their marketing agencies. Dealerships need to understand how and where customers are searching online for cars and trucks. Automotive digital marketing & advertising agencies need to understand this and which targets will be most profitable for their own client acquisition efforts.

To answer this marketplace need, Antioch Digital is pleased to present the inaugural Automotive Digital Marketing Trends Report. Our introductory report offers a unique perspective: a complete view of the search landscape for automotive brands and dealerships.

About the Automotive Marketing Trends Report:

This look at automotive marketing and dealership trends is based on search insights and data for Google. Put another way, we’re leveraging the most significant purchase channel that also happens to be the world’s largest focus group: search engines and their users.

Below are summary insights of the automotive trends report, and the full report will be made available for purchase.

A look into the Automotive Marketing Trends Report:

Is There a Relationship Between Manufacturer and Dealer Search Demand?

One of the key items we want to understand is consumer trends in the automotive marketing industry. We want to see what’s happening now, as well as a view across 2020 and 2019. It’s exciting to have so much to unpack in this trends report! And one of the first things we want to do is to understand our data.

Our first question to understand consumer trends is whether or not manufacturer search terms (GMC) are related to dealership terms (GMC dealership).

This view is useful for agencies trying to prioritize target dealership clients. Manufacturers with inherently more commercialized search intent can be both a tailwind and source of opportunity when crafting campaigns.

Looking for the full data? Pre-order your copy of the full Trends report.

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