Digital Marketing Research

Why is market research important in digital marketing?

Digital marketing research is the fuel that powers your digital marketing. Did you know the top 3 challenges faced by digital marketers are heavily influenced by your access to digital marketing research?

According to Hubspot: generating traffic, proving ROI, and securing budget are the top global marketing challenges of 2021.

The challenge is internal and external to both your bosses and clients: without data you won’t be going far for your company or your clients.

55% of Marketers Don’t Feel Confident That They Understand the Consumer Journey

Look up and down your list of Slack or Teams chats. There’s a good chance every other person on that list doesn’t feel they have the market research data they need, according to the Digital Marketing Institute.

You don’t have to conduct your own digital marketing research

Digital marketing research can be messy. Finding topics, deciding on a methodology, and crafting the perfect report will take more time and effort than you can afford. Here’s where we come in: Done-for-you digital marketing research.

Please close the other tab where you’ve Googled “How to do market research for digital marketing”. We’ve got it covered. 🙂

Digital Marketing Research Topics

One of the digital marketing services from the Antioch team is digital marketing research. From competitive industries to hard-to-get data, we’re investing in your success.

The Antioch team has many more planned for the future. Contact us to commission research for your business.

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